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CAD Services

CAD Services

PDF/Paper to CAD Conversion
Many organizations have extensive paper-based archives that would be more convenient for storage and use in an electronic format. We offer paper to CAD conversion service i.e. conversion of drawings available in paper into vector drawings through process of scanning and conversion of the images into electronic drawings. We can provide CAD converted drawings in any specific format/standard.

As-built/ BOMA
The phrase "as-built" in construction is equivalent to "as-is." Drawings deemed "as-built" are thus drawings that show the EXISTING conditions as they are or "as-is" ? these are the actual existing conditions as opposed to designs or proposed conditions, which are more common for the content of drawings. As-built drawings can be documented either after or during construction. When it's after construction, a qualified technician collects accurate data to reconstruct the drawings. When it's during construction, the design drawings are red-marked for editing. We provide these drawings based on the contractor?s/owner?s input (Construction drawings, Current survey Drawings, Redesign Data, etc.)

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